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Top Ten Reasons that Hero-U has been Delayed

10. Our dog ate the computer.

9. The Hero-ewe turned out to be a ram and boy, do we look sheepish.

8. The artists ran out of blue pixels.

7. We received a court order to change the Hero-U name because it was deemed to be too confusingly similar to the Wii-U.
Therefore from this point onward, Hiiro-U will only be available on Nintendo gaming machines.

6. The Kwirks demanded green M&Ms in every room.

5. The entire team got sick after eating spinach dip at the company party.

4. Dr. von Braun blew up the science lab tower… again.

3. The company treasurer absconded with the funds and ran off to Daventry – It’s a magical place.

2. One of the programmers caught a code.

And the Number One reason that Hero-U has been delayed:

Someone forgot to tell the designers that this was supposed to be a small Indie game.

Protect Yourself

Pand Guards

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Pand Guards – The Patent-Pending way to protect your hands from fearsome fire and pesky pandas.

“You can de-pand on Pand Guards”



  1. wallyw Says:

    I was just a kid when QFG2 came out, and boy was I confused by the name change. Quality work on #7 ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. N3rd0v571ck Says:

    You got me with the Wii-U one. I was disappointed for a minute. Gun shy after the whole Heroes Quest debacle.

  3. Lori Says:

    The “Spinach Dip” incident is a reference to one of the Leisure Suit Larry” games where Larry gets sick from Spinach Dip. Al Lowe said that it was an in-joke because a bunch of Sierra people got ill on Spinach Dip after a company party. So this is an in-joke of an in-joke. Serious Meta humor.

  4. Son Of Thurgoth Says:

    Spinach dip? Well, at least it wasn’t *cue sepulchral voice filter* THE SALMON MOUSSE…

  5. Lori Says:

    Don’t worry, when we release this game, there will be whoops, cheers, and hollers loud enough for all the internet to hear… or so we hope. :-)

  6. Travis Says:

    Was beginning to wonder if it had been released and I had missed it.

  7. Rob Says:


  8. Greg Says:

    Feature creep? Lol. Can’t wait for the game :) I’m glad you’re making a game you’re going to be proud of! Just don’t take forever! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

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