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The Night Before Solstice

Shawn Solstice
Twas the night before Solstice
Wizards looked to their runes
Not a student was stirring
’cause we’d all lost our spoons.

Our stockings were missing,
And most of our shoes
It seemed like a Thief
Was paying his dues.

This pattern of pilfering
Was driving us batty
They even had taken
The cheese from the Rattie!

The school blamed us Rogues,
Every woman and man
‘Twas then that I knew
That I needed a plan.

And so in the Hallway
I laid out my trap
As I hid in the shadows
Just holding my sap.

The hour was late,
And I started to nap
But my slumber was broken
By a powerful snap.

I rose to my feet
kept close to the wall
Hiding in Shadows
As I snuck down the hall.

And there in my snare
Much to my surprise,
Was a ball of green fur
And two glowing red eyes
With a mouthful of teeth
Each sharp as a knife
If that thing got loose,
I’d fear for my life.

It had two large feet
That ended in claws
These were no delicate animal paws
I’d not want to be among those what annoys him,
I’d not put it past it to dip them in poison.

I had cut most of the classes
In Monster ID,
Still, this was a creature
I happened to see.
It was the one class
I did not fall asleep
I knew that this monster
Was surely a Meep!

It had a large sack
No doubt full of loot
So that was what happened
To my missing right boot!
I picked up the bag
And the Meep gave a glare,
If mere looks could kill,
I’d be dead then and there.

While it was caught safely
Snug in my Snare,
I pulled out an apple,
A peach and a pear,
A partridge, two doves
Five rings made of gold
And one lonely ring
That felt very cold
I knew from the runes,
It was priceless and old.

I pulled out a phaser,
The Meep said not a word,
Then I pulled out,
The fabled Black Bird!
Two unmatched shoes,
A pencil and pen,
A turnip, a striped sock,
A dread Drat and then,
I gasped as I saw
That this sly little Meep
Had dared to steal
the Hero-Ewe Sheep!

Hero-Ewe Solstice


So I shouted in shock
“You’ve taken our Ewe,
What in the world
Are you trying to do?’

And then that poor Meep
It started to shiver
As tears streamed from its eyes
And its chin gave a quiver.

Then it spoke in a small little voice
full of woe,
“I had little choice,
It’s the Meeplings, you know.”

“It’s the sweet tiny tots,
“The Meep girls and Meep boys,
Who sleep in Meep beds
And Dream of Meep toys.”

“Soon day will Dawn
On this Solstice Morn,
And the poor little Meeplings,
Will be so forlorn.
For under the Meep tree,
The cold floor is bare,
With no Meepling presents
Awaiting them there.

For I’m caught in your trap,
And you’ve taken my bag.
Now who will bring Meeplings
Their Solstice Day swag?”

I gave a loud sigh,
As I looked at the Meep
And filled up the bag,
(Except for the Sheep).

I opened the trap,
and let the Meep free,
It jumped down a hole,
And shouted with glee,
“I’ll make it all right,
Just trust me, you’ll see…
Happy Solstice to all,
You’ll never catch me!”

Season's Meepings



  1. Lori Says:

    Thanks, Wendy. We’ll have many more rhymes, jokes, and puns in the Hero-U games. I’m sure you’ll get your fill of them.

  2. Wendy Mann Says:

    Hi Lori,
    Just saw your poem The Night Before Solstice. Brilliant. I always loved your poems and rhyming (and jokes/puns) in the Quest for Glory games, it was one of the beautiful features of those games.
    Hope you include The Night Before Solstice as an extra in Hero-U game download (yes, I know you need to keep size down, but these are great).
    Best wishes,
    Wendy Mann

  3. Daniel Gimness Says:

    Very creative Lori! Love it.

  4. Lori Says:

    Ah, but you see, the Meep at the end of the poem is clearly a cute little Meepling!

    And we transformed the poem form from the “Night before Christmas” to “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” somewhere along the way. :-)

  5. Kennita Watson Says:

    Hey — In your poem you said the Meep had glowing red eyes, but on the card they are clearly blue!

    Wonderful poem (forgiving a few misscansions 😉 ) !

    Happy holly days, and hugs all around!

    Live long and prosper,

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