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Rogue to Redemption

We have an answer to the “Name the Game” question for our upcoming Hero-U Role-playing Adventure. Many people on Facebook liked “School for Scoundrels” as a title for a story centered upon a reluctant Rogue student at the University for Heroes. However, most people on this site really liked “Rogue to Redemption.”

As did we…

It describes the plot of the game concisely. It alliterates elegantly. It puns perfectly. What more could we ask for in a title?

Thank you, everyone, who answered this mini-quiz. We really want you to feel like you are a part of making this game great.

Rogue to Redemption



  1. Joseph Austin Says:

    I do hope you guys are right about Nintendo staying chill on that, but I share the concern that the -U is going to make people assume it is for the Wii. Which I’d probably be fine with since I’m gonna get me one of those puppies.

  2. James StarRunner Says:

    History would seem to suggest that some people will be confused and I can’t argue your logic. [/Spock]

    I do understand where you are coming from, especially with the Wii-U coming out. I really have no idea how much the name will affect it. If everyone knew the context, they will know it stands for Hero University. But… Not everyone will know the context.

  3. Sameer Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Lori. Hero-U is easy on the tongue and sounds great, especially with the brand-new subtitle! I just hope people won’t assume it’s a Wii U game and dismiss it without reading any further. Do you think that might happen? Joseph, James, what do you guys think? I know there are New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii Fit U, and ZombiU in the pipeline, and with the console itself coming out November 18, my only concern is that anything (or at least any computer game) with “U” at the end will quickly become synonymous with Nintendo.

  4. James StarRunner Says:

    Nintendo shouldn’t sound any alarms. Universities are frequently shortened to ‘U’. It’s not like they could stop anyone from using the words ‘cube’, ’64’, or ‘super’. I think they’re intelligent enough to be cool with it.

  5. Joseph Austin Says:

    Looks like you’re probably fine… but I’m no expert.

  6. Joseph Austin Says:

    I actually liked “School for Heroes”, but Hero U is fine too. Makes me think it would be released on the upcoming Wii U though. I hope Nintendo doesn’t make any fuss over that the way some companies do.

  7. jakie Says:

    That’s pretty dang awesome.

  8. Lori Says:

    Originally, (yeah, right… as of last month…) we were going with the “School for Heroes” name for the game. After all, we’ve run “The School for Heroes” website for over six years. However, some of our trusted advisers suggested that the School for Heroes sounded too childish and not catchy enough. This isn’t Hogwarts. It’s for a slightly older crowd (like most of us). So the game will now officially be called “Hero-U: Rogue for Redemption.”

    However, the game is set in the old “School for Heroes” castle. And it is run by many of the same instructors who taught students at the old “How to Be a Hero” school and “The School for Heroes” websites. And it is run by the FA himself (although he’s staying out of the castle for right now). There’s a lot of intrigue and behind the scenes stuff going on in the land of Marete. Funny thing, much of it centers around this University.

    And anyone who was a student of The School for Heroes will feel right at home in this game.

  9. Sameer Says:

    Btw, is the official title of the series “The School for Heroes” or “Hero-U?” I believe “The School for Heroes” is the full name and “Hero-U” is the nickname, is this assessment correct?

  10. Sameer Says:

    Great name, and I agree with James: it really does feel like we were a part of the process! :)

  11. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    “Rogue to Redemption” really does feel like the perfect fit. It echoes the spirit of Quest for Glory so perfectly, but it also feels like a new start.

  12. RoyMartin Says:

    Great choice! :)

  13. James StarRunner Says:

    And we really did feel like we were part of it! :3

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