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Jan 23 2015

Rona’s Ramblings – Interview with Game Designer Lori Ann Cole!

Greetings and Salutations, All.

Rona GabblerThis is your intrepid reporter, Rona Gabbler, the Gnome with a nose for news, with an exclusive interview for Hero-News. Today, I’m talking with famed game designer Lori Ann Cole of Transolar Games.

RG: Tell me, Lori, what is your latest project and what is it exactly that you do?

LAC: Right now, I am Writer, Designer, and Creative Director for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption game that we’re developing…

RG: So what sort of game are you talking about? A board game? A Massively Multiplayer Military Maneuver and Mutual Armageddon Pact? A new sport involving trampolines, tomatoes, and tutus?

LAC: Hero-U is a combination Role Playing and Adventure Computer Game…

RG: An Adventure/RPG? Really? Isn’t that like sooo last millennium?

LAC: I think that Adventure/RPGs are timeless classics. The art styles of older games like Quest for Glory might look dated, but the stories and emotional appeal touch people of all ages and lands.

RG: Yeah, but this is the 21st Century – we’re into fancy graphics, explosions, and instant gratification. What makes you think that anyone would even look twice at Hero-U?

LAC: Well, for one thing, the art is gorgeous. For another, it appeals to people who love mysteries. magic, and heroes…

RG: Heroes? You mean like Captain American, Thor, and Tony Stark? Weren’t they just adorable in their latest movies? Such Hunks…

LAC: Hero-U isn’t about superheroes. It’s the story of a young man learning who he is and what he wants to do with his future…

RG: Is he a hunk?

LAC: Not particularly…

RG: Well then, what’s the point? Who wants to play Joe-Shmoe with no superpowers or abs of steel?

Lori Ann ColeLAC: For one thing, it’s set in a haunted castle full of intrigue. It’s about the importance of family and friends…

RG: Oh, so a Game of Thrones sort of thing where the hero has a wedding to kill off all his rivals and relatives in order to be crowned king?

LAC: No.

RG: Okay, so is it a case where all the other characters are found dead in gruesome but mysterious ways, the hero falls in love with the beautiful young Gnome woman with the tragic past, and the butler did it?

LAC: No.

RG: Does it even have a Gnome in it?

LAC: No.

RG: There you have it, Folks. Sounds like Lori Ann Cole and her team are creating a unique game unlike anything ever done before. I’m sure it will be something special even if it doesn’t have Gnomes in it. Or Superheroes… Or hunks…

This is Hero-Nues reporter, Rona Gabbler, keeping you up to date with all the latest and greatest news you need to know.

Until next time, remember, if you want news, you want Gnomes!

Dec 31 2014

Merry Meepness

Our Christmas tree is a Hero-ic one.

Meep Tree

It has ornaments from all our Hero Schools over the years – How to Be a Hero, The School for Heroes, and now Hero-U.

I am a Hero
Meep to You

And, of course, our Rogue to Redemption ornament.

Rogue Ornament

Here’s wishing you all a bright and merry New Year!

Dec 18 2014

Happy Holidays 2014 from Hero-U

Happy Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Filled with faith and joy and folly,
As we gather for another happy holly-day
Here at Hero-U.

There is news and cause for cheer
As the new year’s eve draws near
and we begin our final year
Of work on Hero-U:

Unto Jonathan is born a son!
And that is reason number one
Why a programmer’s work is never done
Here at Hero-U.

So we did beg, plead, and implore
And sent out word that we need more
Coders to come join our corps
With us at Hero-U.

And lo! The coders did reply
We now have several folks who vie
To prove their worth or skill to try
To join our Hero-U.

We’ve got so very much to do
Before our game design is through
And art and code and testing too
Of good old Hero-U.

But ere this giving season goes
For you, our fans, a gift we chose
A music video that shows
The Art of Hero-U.

And so for all, we send our plea
for Peace and Hope and Joy to thee
And next year at this time you’ll see –
The Game of Hero-U.

Happy holidays, everyone! There’s a lot of great news for this closing of the year. In the newcomer category, we have babies and new hires. Our lead programmer, Jonathan Cheatham, now has a new son, Cian Muir Cheatham. Our friend, Richard Aronson, is now a grandfather. We’re about to welcome a daughter-in-law, Annette, to our family next month.

We have four very promising applicants for the programming team. We clearly need all the help we can get. It’s going to be a busy year for all of us in 2015. After all, we set the date for an October release for ‘Rogue to Redemption.’

To celebrate the season and to show off just how gorgeous Hero-U will be, I put together a musical slideshow. We’ve always been very proud of the art of Hero-U. This video shows the art process from start to finish. It shows how much work goes into creating the art assets for the game. There are even a few hints of what happens in ‘Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption.’

This is our way of thanking you for all your faith you’ve shown for us over the years.


Nov 26 2014

Thank You Very Much

Thanksgiving is that time of year when we stop what we’re normally doing and think about food… er… how grateful we are for all the good things in our life. Okay, so we mostly think about the food part. I’m making pumpkin bread, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, turkey, and gravy for the feast tomorrow. It’s a lot of work, but it has a yummy reward.

Ditto with game design.

There’s a lot of work, passion, and time that goes into creating the Hero-U game. I’d like to thank our great artists – Eric Varnes, Paul Bowers, Terry Robinson, Chris Willis, and John Paul Selwood for the beauty and cleverness they put into their art. You might not associate cleverness with art, but in computer games, an artist has to do a lot of thinking and planning to get things to work. It takes a special breed of artist. We’re very fortunate to have them on our team.

I’d also like to thank our programmers – Jonathan Cheatham, Rob Eisenberg, and Jerry Shaw. Yeah, it takes Smarts to program a game. It also takes creativity. Everything they do for this game is new and innovative. That’s why it takes exceptional talent to program this game. We’re grateful these people are working on the project.

But the people we are most grateful for our you – our fans. We can literally say that this game could not be made without you. You support Hero-U, finance it, and keep the faith that it will be great. You keep us all focused on the goal to make certain this game lives up to your expectations. Your encouragement renews our energy. We’re so thankful to have you as part of this project.

All in all, we have a lot to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving Meep

If you are looking for something special to give away in time for the holidays, or if you need a new friend to get you through, check out our Get a Meep and a Keychain for only $30 plus shipping and handling. We have a couple of hats left and a few t-shirts. We’d be very thankful if you’d take them off our hands.

Oct 28 2014

Happy Hero-U Halloween

Here’s a little treat especially for you.

The Nights of the Dead
Written and Directed by Lori Cole
Artwork by JP Selwood
Ghoul Design by Eric Varnes
Music by Ryan Grogan

The Poem:

The Nights of the Dead

On the dark of the moon in Sardonian land
When the cold autumn mist shrouds the sand
and the lights in the towns glow a dull, sullen red
Then the people all huddle with worry and dread
For they know that it heralds the time is at hand
The doom of the Nights of the Dead

When the cold iron gates on the catacomb walls
fling open with shrieks that will echo the halls
They crawl from their crypts with their wounds that have clotted
And leave slimy trails of their flesh that has rotted
With their shrouds torn and tattered and hair lank and knotted
The Ghouls of the Nights of the Dead.

So we festoon our hallways with ribbons so bright
And we set out the candles for light
We gather our goodies and foods we love best
And try not to show that we’re fearful and stressed
As we struggle to welcome our unwelcome guests
The Ghosts of the Nights of the Dead

And thus so it goes every month of November
Our dearly departed we all shall remember
We revel their return with good drink and song
And hope we don’t see in the midst of the throng
Those spiteful and bitter with unavenged wrongs
The Wraiths of the Nights of the Dead

So raise up your glass to a spirit or two
And celebrate life with the ones who all knew
No matter whatever you struggle to do
We all join the Nights of the Dead!

Happy Halloween