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Welcome to the Leaders Board. This is a private site just for ‘The School for Heroes Game’ Superfans.

Now that you are here, you are officially a SuperHero. We hope you’ll help us publicize and let everyone know what we are doing. You’ll be posting on the forums, socializing on Facebook and other sites, and writing blogs, comments, and publicity notices to your favorite fan sites.

Here’s what we are creating with your help:

Hero-U – Rogue Rally

The Hero-U combines turn-based, tactical combat and dungeon exploration with rich character interactions, challenging puzzles, and an immersive story. Acclaimed game designers Corey and Lori Cole – creators of the award-winning Quest for Glory series and Castle of Dr. Brain – take you on an epic role-playing journey.

Your life has not been an easy one. Caught red-handed during your thieves’ guild initiation, you have a seemingly-easy choice – Go to reform school or rot away in prison. The teachers and students are intent on making your life a living hell, while trouble lurks in the catacombs below. It’d help if you didn’t need to worry about being killed and passing midterms.

Corey and Lori Cole have assembled a star development team featuring Brawsome, developers of the award winning MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover. The School for Heroes features:

  1. Tactical combat, where player choices make a real difference
  2. Branching conversations that affect your relationship with other characters
  3. Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  4. Challenging puzzles that are an important, organic part of the story
  5. Meaningful choices between exploration, study, and social interaction


This is just a taste of what we’re cooking up for you. Help us make this happen.

A Call for Heroes


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  1. James StarRunner Says:

    If the spell comes from Baba Yaga, you’d probably turn someone into bundles of ‘tyme’ and that’s no yoke! Sorry about the crummy jokes, they just keep coming out of my pie hole. :B

    Let’s hope at least some burden can be lifted from them. ;3

  2. Wayland Says:

    Unfortunately the more we do, the more stuff we have to do.

    Well, if it would help you at all to delegate some of the “more stuff” to me, let me know. I actually have 3 days off from both jobs coming up Mon – Wed, so if there’s anything that needs done, especially stuff that is time consuming, but not mission critical, I would be more than willing to knock it out to the best of my ability for you.

    Invokes a spell he learned from Baba
    Toss some of the 80% my way,
    so you can keep your eyes on the 20% I say.


  3. Lori Says:

    Some of the best moments of playing computer games came from Corey and I sitting at a computer screen with friends all playing the game together. It really is the best way to play when you can share the experience.

    I hope you can get some friends to join you for Hero-U!

  4. Garfelt Says:

    Wow. Some friends told me about this because I talk about Quest for Glory way too much. The series has always been my all time favorite games. In my childhood there was a small group of us that would play the first game at each others’ houses quite frequently and share experiences we had had the night before in Spielberg that would blow all of our tiny minds. We just had to rush home after school and see if we could find the same adventure.

    Needless to say you guys are my heroes, and to say I’m ecstatic to see you working on a new project like this would be a vast understatement.

  5. Lori Says:

    Hi Wayland,

    We will definitely be contacting people by email about the time the Kickstarter begins. However, I like the idea of using Google Drive, too. We will be using Google for design docs, too. Right now, we’re still setting up the Database for contacting people. We will also have the Roster page going soon.

    Unfortunately the more we do, the more stuff we have to do.

  6. Wayland Says:

    First? No kidding… I still haven’t finished making this website and here you are commenting.

    Well you linked it on Twitter, what was I supposed to do when there was a place for comments? 😉

    He contributed to the guild getting the “Realm First Level 25 Guild”

    I was on that night. I ended up leveling an alt, to help with experience, rather than dungeon running. I think I was trying to do the casual thing at that point, which I was never good at. Heh, that turned into raid leader like a month later, lol.

    Congratulations. By signing up here, you have officially volunteered as a guinea pig to alpha test the combat so that we can spend a lot of time tweaking and refining it. You have probably also volunteered to help moderate and answer questions on the Kickstarter and game forums.

    Okiedokie. Is there an e-mail list for this or a Google Doc that assigns me tasks? ‘Cuz I take responsibilities seriously, but I get distracted at times if I don’t know where to check on what I need to do. :)

    Thanks for volunteering.

    You’re more than welcome!

  7. Steve Says:

    *Razzle Dazzle Root Beer*
    ALT + B

    That, my friends, is how to fund this project.

    On a more serious note, I can’t wait for this. I hope that your new game contains the same witty humor as QFG.

  8. Sameer Says:

    *Here’s hoping

  9. Sameer Says:

    @ Corey: the main theme is already complete?! Wow, really excited to hear it! Hears hoping you’ll be using it for the Kickstarter video! :)

    ::Waves hello to everyone here:: It’s great to see so many QfG fans!

  10. Lori Says:

    Frankly, Hero-U will not be the latest and greatest of holographic-virtual-reality-three-dimensional-state-of-the-future graphics. We’re settling for elegant 2D art and great game play instead. If your old PC could play graphic adventure games, then you will be able to play this game.

    Wii is not on the list of potential ports right now. Unless, of course, our Kickstarter does better than our wildest dreams. Then again, we have very wild dreams.

  11. Shaun Usman Says:

    Bring it out on Wii U (say through the e-Shop) and I am there! My PC is 8 years old and not due for a replacement just yet.

  12. James StarRunner Says:

    Yeah, now the cat is out of the bag (who puts cats in bags anyways?) and others are finding the page. Oh well, just finding the page doesn’t give anyone hero status. I look forward to when to forum is operational.

  13. Lori Says:

    Hero-U will look more like an RP than an Adventure, and certainly the combat aspects will be more important than they were in QfG. After all, in QfG, the combat mostly got in the way of the play.

    However, as much as I play RPGs, my first love was the story-telling role-playing of Dungeon and Dragons. This game won’t be about killing critters and looting them. It will be about a young man trying to become someone he wants to be. There will be drama, romance, humor, and Meeps. What more could you want from a game?

  14. Pablo Says:

    Sounds interesting, seems like it leans more towards on outright RPG than the adventure hybrid the QfG series was. I’m glad to hear it’s not an online game and that the social/community aspect is somewhat detached from the game.

  15. Lori Says:

    Jack, don’t I wish we could get John Rhys-Davies do the narration. I was so thrilled when he agreed to take that part. However, at the time of recording, he called it the “Script from Hell.” He had to read 10x more lines than he ever read in a movie. I doubt that he’d ever want to do one of our games again – we worked him too hard.

    However, if we do get voices for this game (depending upon how much we raise from Kickstarter), I assure you that we will have great sounding voices.

  16. Jack Says:

    Could you, please, have John Rhys-Davies narrate the game again?

  17. Lori Says:

    Yes, James StarRunner, I will be deleting the school/leaders – it was just the test page for this site. Nor was this site supposed to be for anything other than our Superfans. However, Now that the various news sites mention this url, it’s going to become the game site and forum as soon as I can get it finished. Corey’s working on the sign-up forms and code for the sites.

  18. James StarRunner Says:

    Oh! Another James! Hi there!

    Anyways… You may want to delete the page at since you have this one. I was wondering why there were no updates on it. I just found this one today from one of the outside blogs…

    And since I was exploring here, I found the leader forums and the roster, but I could not find anyway to sign up for either. Am I missing something or is it not ready yet?

  19. Corey Says:

    James: Mark Seibert did a fantastic job with the original Hero’s Quest music, but he isn’t the only great composer out there. We’re using Ryan Grogan and we’ve been listening to his main game theme almost continuously while working on the pre-Kickstarter portions of the game design – It’s that good!

    You will have no complaints about the music in Hero-U. Check out MacGuffin’s Curse for other examples of Ryan’s work.

  20. Corey Says:

    Jakie: In a word, “Yes!” Story? Check! Lovable characters? Yup, and some villainous scoundrels as well. Not to mention unlikable friends and smooth-talking enemies. :-) Humor? Ya, sure, you betcha!

    The major changes will be in the look – Mostly top-down tiled interface, with background screens reserved for major role-playing scenes.

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  22. jakie Says:

    My favorite games have always been QFG, I have been playing them since I was six years old (25 now). I am so excited about this. While I understand the mechanics will be different, will the story, humor, and same type of lovable characters from the QFG series be there?

  23. James Says:

    Very exciting! You should track down Mark Seibert. I found the music to Hero’s Quest just as memorable as the games.

  24. spathi Says:

    please sign me up, I’ve always wanted to be a hero :-)

  25. Nate Says:

    I can’t really understand whats happening on this site, BUT if this post means you two are making a new game !!!!! Hero quest was what sparked my love for gaming and I go back and play it every few years, its still amazing!

  26. Filip Says:


    I don’t understand. How do I register? Or is it not done yet?
    I’ll do what I can to help this project!

  27. Lori Says:

    Your Highness, The Grand Duke Zog,

    While it is true that the School for Heroes, also referred to colloquially as “Hero-U,” has a few reprobates and scoundrels in its midst as well as in its student body, we are not a reform school per se. Nor do we want a sudden influx of legally-challenged individuals in our hallowed halls.

    However, we will soon have a graduate class of young, eager Heroes seeking to make a difference in the world. Perhaps we can work something out with your overrun of miscreants.

    So we will indeed be interested in accepting an influx of your money to support our lofty goals. Assuming, of course, that you are not on the proscribed list of Tyrants, Evil Overlords, and Dastardly Dictators. Nor can we accept your support in good conscience if you are a card-carrying member of Villains, Inc.

    Rest assured, Your Highness, that even if we are unable to accept your funds, we will be happy to send our graduates to your Duchy.


    Famous Adventurer
    (Lori Cole, Secretary)

  28. Duke Zog Says:

    Dear administration,

    I am a simple dictator from a nearby province with a very complex problem. Recently my subjects have become the target of a guild of thieves, whose members have been quite successful at bleeding the fertile economy here.

    At first, the dealings of this guild did not trouble me much; foodstuffs or animals here, people and property there. Unfortunately, their lust for more did not end at the borders of class, but at my manor and my priceless collection of jeweled antwerp eggs!

    Needless to say, they have gone too far. Unfortunately, my jails can only hold so many of their ranks, and my monthly quota for public executions has already been met three weeks in advance. I need options!

    My jestvisor recently brought to my attention your esteemed institution for the reform of wayward souls. The very existence of such a foundation has filled my heart with hope, glee and other squishy, unspeakable things.

    If you might offer a solution to my plight, I would be proud to offer contribution to any meager overhead costs you might incur from maintaining such an establishment.

    Please let me know as soon as you possibly can. I have resorted to having pairs of our convicts tied together at the waist, their hands bound, mouths gagged, and dressed in crude two-man moose costumes before unleashing them in the woods where it has been our hope that nature takes its course. Unfortunately, hunting season begins soon, and I fear this ploy will remain viable for so long.

    Thank you,

    The Grand Duke Zog of Estiland

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  30. Luke Says:

    Give me a link to kickstarter and I will give you money…

  31. Lori Says:

    WC – Hero-U will be a different sort of game than our previous games, but it will have the same elements of Adventure and Role-playing as Glory and some of the puzzle elements of Dr. Brain.
    We are working hard to publicize the Kickstarter so that the fans can find us. We are sure that they will enjoy playing this game.

  32. WC Says:

    I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting money from the Kickstarter. There are tons of us fans out there, and a lot are just waiting to throw some money at you.

    Personally, I even got to play the game as “Hero’s Quest” and I own every game and remake in the series. And then bought them on GoG, too. Seriously, one of the best games of my childhood and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

    Also, Dr. Brain was always awesome, if a touch easy. When you want to make more games like that, sign me up for that, too.

  33. School For Scoundrels: Quest For Glory Devs’ Hero-U | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Says:

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  34. Lori Says:

    Hi, Ashton,

    As a matter of fact, we are looking for fans to help promote our campaign to make this game. I really like what you have done on your blog, particularly considering the last article was QfG on GOG. Smiley Meep

    Keep up the good work!

  35. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    Well, I just made it here via the post at and I can’t express to you how ecstatic I am about this project. Quest for Glory was a cornerstone of my childhood. I kid you not, whenever in my life I have come upon a moral dilemma, I think, “What would a Paladin do here?”

    I have zero experience (i.e. one week on WOW) with MMO gaming, but I have a lifetime (26 years, assuming I started gaming the moment I was born) of RPG and adventure gaming ranging from Monkey Island to Baldur’s Gate to Skyrim with a little bit of everything in between. That’s not to say that I haven’t played plenty of games online. I lost plenty of hours to Splinter Cell and Halo 2 in my first year of college.

    Speaking of which, I’m an English major and an aspiring writer. My blog,, is sorely in need of an update, but it might give you a taste of my style.

    I feel as though I’m writing an application for employment, and I don’t know if that’s necessarily what you were looking for here. The truth of the matter is that I’m just so excited, I feel like I have to offer my help in some way–any way–that I can. Please let me know if I can do anything, anything at all.

  36. MrSaturn Says:

    Very Exciting! I can’t wait for the kickstarter to go up!
    Very funny this has popped up around time for my annual Quest for Glory play-through, and as I’m working on making a Hero costume for Dragon*Con next year!

  37. Lori Says:

    Hi, Nathan,

    Hero-U will be different from QfG. It won’t involve the same hero from the Glory series. Instead, it will involve a series of unlikely Heroes who are attending Hero-U at the same time.

    If the Glory Hero ever gets to dust off his medals and crown again, though, we’ll be sure to let people know about it.

  38. Nathan Says:

    Can i import my maxed out QFG5 character ? You know you want to!

  39. Lori Says:

    Hi Wayland, Welcome!

    First? No kidding… I still haven’t finished making this website and here you are commenting.

    My Destry Elder character was a member of “All together Now” for a while. He contributed to the guild getting the “Realm First Level 25 Guild” achievement. Sadly, he never got enough guild honor to get the mount for it. (I was too busy playing horde…)

    Anyone who has been a devoted servant of WoW and Gloriana will be very useful to us with the Hero-U game. We’re developing a new turn-based combat system that will be very different from most games. So we will have to make sure that it is fun for players who feel like the combat is incidental to the game as well as those player who are used to combat being the major center of the game.

    Congratulations. By signing up here, you have officially volunteered as a guinea pig to alpha test the combat so that we can spend a lot of time tweaking and refining it. You have probably also volunteered to help moderate and answer questions on the Kickstarter and game forums.

    Assuming, of course, that we make the money from Kickstarter to create the game.

    Tomorrow I’ll spend the day finishing this website and we’ll invite others to join you on this Leaders Board.

    You don’t get a cape for this. You won’t get turned into a kitty… but you might get a long tail and a little cage with a wheel to run around between combat tests. We’ll be happy to feed you all the cheese you want. (And Fenrus is always happy to have a new buddy.)

    Thanks for volunteering.

    – Lori

  40. Wayland Says:

    FIRST! (Just Kidding)

    I hear you could use a hero.

    My experience? I’ve dabbled in the heroic work over the years. There was these worlds Azeroth & Outland where I did all sorts of stuff in dungeons, depths of the earth, alternate planes, fortresses of ice, that sort of stuff, that place kept me busy for years, usually either shredding face with claws or tanking with my face. Oh, early on in my career, I spent quite a lot of time in Gloriana and Daventry, Britannia/Sosaria, and on spaceships with this janitor guy. There was a brief stint in Norrath somewhere in there. And heck a few hops in random other places over time. I get around.

    My references? Damn folks in other worlds are hard to get a hold of at times. Although, there is this group of folks I ran with for a while, “All Together Now” that I hear you might have heard of, they even made me an officer for a while before I moved on from Azeroth. That group can vouch for me pretty well. I hear Corey might have spent quite a while heroing with my wife Vivi/Amy when he was doing the hero gig over there. Although, don’t ask her, she’ll start complaining about me being too busy heroing to do the dishes or something. 😉

    If I get the job, do I get a cape? Get to turn into a kitty? (I hope I don’t turn into a tree!)

    As I always say, if there’s anything I can do, please feel free to let me know. And I’ll see what I can do to past the word around.

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