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Welcome to Hero-U, a unique Role-playing Adventure Game series.

Hero-U features a strong story and interesting characters, mystery, excitement, danger, and intrigue.

And, of course, Kwirks.

Hero-U Trick or Treat

Hero-U Trick or Treat


We’ve got some real treats for you coming up. First of all, we released our first Teaser Trailer for the game:


Next on the treat list, we have finished our Game Play Demo. We will share it with our backers soon. What do you know – Rogue to Redemption is a real Adventure Game! Or at least, that’s the part of the game play revealed by this demo. Our next demo will show off the RPG aspects of the game with combat strategy and skills. So yes, Hero-U is Two, Two, Two games in one!

Creature Feature

From the depths of the dungeons below the castle to the creepy caverns of the catacombs, we have a cavalcade of critters that have crawled out of their crypts.

Monster Mash


So from all of us here at Hero-U, Have a Happy Halloween!

Hero-U Happy Halloween


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  1. Lori Says:

    We’re taking a different stylistic approach with this game. The first person narrator has been around since the days of Monkey Island. If it worked for Guybrush Threepwood, it should work for Shawn. The game will be colored through Shawn’s point of view. In Quest for Glory, we worked hard to keep our main character personality-less so that the player could use the Hero as his personal avatar. In Hero-U, you role-play Shawn rather than yourself.

    It’s definitely a different style of game.

  2. Grimm Says:

    Question for the team : in QFG, if felt like the game was “talking” to both the character/player with the use of the pronoun “you”. It felt natural. You do this, you see that, etc…

    In this new video, it’s the character who’s talking to himself. I do this, I do that, I hope that abc, etc… which is usually a big no-no in writing. You don’t usually show a character speaking out the things he’s doing. It felt childish, like hand-holding, a character who’s describing things as he’s doing them.

    I’m wondering, is this intentional? Because it felt like I was being spoonfed a scene rather than playing it myself. It felt as though there was less to discover in a room because the narrator’s tone was different.

  3. MJ Says:

    I grew up playing the old QfG games with my dad. Cannot wait to play Heroes U with him and remember that grand time.

  4. Lori Says:

    Heh… I’ll have to look for some… but I don’t think that any slippers I can buy will have the personality of Mr. B.E. Slipper’s shoes.

  5. Ternian Says:

    OMG! Love it! That dark person reminds of QFG1 and when I left the village for the first time. Hee hee.

    But those BUNNY slippers! I expect you both to be wearing them in the next update. Hahaha

  6. Lori Says:

    Thanks Ed! We’re glad to see some Filipino Heroes here at Hero-U.

  7. ed hernandez Says:

    i never knew there was a kickstarter for this, and i am a huge fan of the old qfg games. i’ll buy this on day 1 on steam, definitely will be following it closely.

    best regards from novice adventurers here at the philippines!

  8. Lori Says:

    Adam, you’ll be able to check out the room fully with the playable demo coming up soon.

    This room was the first area set up to test the game. As such, it’s art style is unique. It proved that we could use 2D props in an 3D environment. We were also establishing the visual style for the rest of the game.

    This isn’t Silmaria, it’s Sardonia. Just as the exterior buildings in the trailer show that we aren’t in Spielburg any longer, the interior is designed to say that we aren’t in medieval generic fantasy land anymore.

    The interior of the castle is much more old-fashioned than this opening house. The Break-in house is more contemporary – the style is that of a wealthy upper middle-class Sardonian household. There are modern conveniences like magic lamps (as opposed to gas or electric). There’s a reason why Shawn was told to break into this particular house.

    It’s been 18 years since the events in QFG Dragonfire. Technology is starting to influence society. Magic is practical.

    This isn’t just a new game series, it’s a whole new era.

    Then again, medieval castles and dungeons still look medieval, even when the outside world is changing.

    So don’t worry, you’ll have your share of gritty when you get to explore the University and learn what lies below.

    Thanks for the great comments!

  9. Adam Says:

    It’s hard to make any real statements about this game so far with the very tiny peek we’ve been given here but I do have a couple thoughts.

    1. I think the animation and graphics are great, the tile based gameplay is also pretty interesting and I liked it.

    2. I think the environment and objects look too modern. It looks like a luxury apartment with perfect clean walls and hardwood floors. The desk and furniture for some reason do not make me feel like I’m in Silmaria. I personally really enjoyed the gritty dirty look of qg1new.

    Anyways, looking forward to seeing what you guys demo next. Really cool!

  10. ClimbTreeF3 Says:

    Pat cat. Take candlebra… Take candleabra… Take candelabra. *sigh*

  11. Jacob Says:

    I like how the skeleton’s shin guard is off to one side, because…ya know, no skin or muscle. Nice detail.

  12. Son Of Thurgoth Says:

    Nice. I like the undead designs. And that reminds me of an observation of mine: Vampires are frequently cited as ‘romantic’ creatures, but really, zombies don’t get enough credit in this area. I mean, women complain so often that men are only interested in their bodies, but zombies are honestly only interested in their minds.

  13. Spiegelsee Says:

    And by oh no…I actually mean ohh yes :D nice throwback

  14. Spiegelsee Says:

    Oh no….oh no not a black cat. SPIELBURG FLASHBACKS ANYONE?

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