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Welcome to Hero-U, a unique Role-playing Adventure Game series.

Hero-U features a strong story and interesting characters, mystery, excitement, danger, and intrigue.

And, of course, Kwirks.

Happy Thanks!

This is the time at Hero-U
After all the things that we’ve been through
When we sit and think and think some more
Of all the people we make our games for.

We ponder the good things that happened this year.
We muse on our blessings, the things we hold dear.
We smile at our triumphs and hold our heads high
At all of the roadblocks that we have passed by.

We’re proud of our art team who stood by our side
And valiantly took the art changes in stride.
From 2D and Puppets and now to 3D
Thanks, Terry and Eric and Paul and JP.

Our Programmers too have had a hard task
Creating a system that does what we ask.
It may have been tough, but they all do their job,
We thank you all – Jonathan, Jerry, and Rob

But most of all, we give thanks for you fans
Who support Hero-U and stood by our plans
Through all of the changes we’ve made for your sake
And all the hard choices that we’ve had to make.

To all of our Heroes whether faithful or new
wherever you live and whatever you do,
We’re grateful and thankful over at Hero-U
Here’s our Hanukkah greeting and thanks to you too.

Happy Thanks



  1. Michael Shaw Says:

    Thank you, Coles and Hero-U team! The game is shaping up beautifully and I’m so excited to take the rogue to redemption!

  2. Maus Merryjest Says:

    Awww, thanks to YOU :) <3

  3. Jean D. Says:

    My thanks to you all for now bringing back
    Heroic adventure whose presence I lack.
    I look to the future of new hero’s quest
    ‘Cause I know your gaming is always the best.
    The waiting’s been hard, but I know that the day
    Of questing for glory will soon come my way.
    So on this Thanksgiving I’m grateful to you
    For sharing the passion of of “our” Hero-U!

  4. Spiegelsee Says:

    Thank YOU! Still writing poems, I see, that makes me so happy. There were so many great ones in the HQ/QFG series!

  5. Shaun T Says:

    Thank you to both of you amazing Coles. You’ve really put in the yards and we the fans totally appreciate it. Thanks too to your awesome team!!

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