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Any Questions?

Any Questions?


  1. Sameer Says:

    Oops, I found the answer posted under a different blog entry: On September 23 Corey said it should be out in ~2 weeks, so very soon now! I’m thinking the next episode will be the one.

    Re-posting the link for all of us to keep an eye on:

  2. Sameer Says:

    “We think it will be more intense and fun than QfG was. That’s why we’re making this game.”

    Is this even possible?! :)

    Btw, any idea when the Matt Chat video may be up? I’m really looking forward to that one.

  3. Lori Says:

    For the first series of Hero-U with the Rogue, Wizard, Warrior, Paladin (and perhaps Bard or Special Secret), the game will take place in the School for Heroes castle and the land of Marete, which roughly corresponds to Crete on our world.

    In Quest for Glory, many of our puzzles and characters came from the mythology and folklore of the game settings. We wanted to give the player the experience of exploration, to give him the feeling that he was part of this vast world and that he needed to learn to adapt and adjust to the environment. We wanted the player to feel like he really was the Hero.

    In Hero-U, we want the player to play the part of someone else. It will be an intense role-playing experience. It’s also more like a series of mysteries all set in the same local but with different characters and a different star for each game. I think of this series like Downton Abbey meets Game of Thrones. It’s got a ensemble cast of characters living in this huge castle that you meet and interact with while you try to accomplish your character’s personal goals.

    For the first game, all Shawn O’Connor wants initially is to get away from the school and become a Thief in an important Thieves’ Guild. However, he soon learns that he is a pawn in a greater game than his own life. There’s a mystery and a murder to solve that makes Shawn reassess his own past as well as his future. Oh, and there’s this missing heir somewhere at the school that someone wants to kidnap… And the monsters lurking under the castle dungeons… And not to mention the Unspeakable Horror (clearly you didn’t hear it from us since we can’t speak of it…) Between dodging monsters in the dungeons, learning to improve his skills, and making friends and enemies, Shawn still has to pass his Rogue class. It’s not easy being a student at Hero-U/

    And that’s just the first story of the series.

    So Hero-U is not the epic adventure that QfG was. It’s a role-playing adventure game uniquely its own. We think it will be more intense and fun than QfG was. That’s why we’re making this game.

  4. Silevran Says:

    With all the QFG games, there was a style to the world we explored: European, Arabic, African, ect. Is there such a style in mind for Hero-U yet?

  5. James StarRunner Says:

    Alas, Shameen has blue eyes. This must be Shameen’s evil twin cousin… Twice removed!

  6. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    Shameen, is that you?

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