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Unicorn CircleEvery hallowed Hall of Higher Learning and Edifice of Advanced Education competes against other such Bastions of Books and Colleges of Collected Knowledge in order to attract the best and the brightest to enter their ivy-covered corridors. Amidst the throngs of scientists, Paladins, Wizards, and Warriors, there is one individual revered above all by teachers, professors, faculty members and Headmasters – the Alumnus.

Alumni and Benefactors light the lamp of illumination that feeds the needs of schools.

In order to attract wealthy patrons of scholarly studies, schools must have sports teams to attract alumni support. Hero-University is no exception. We have an outstanding Wizard’s Whirl team, an excellent Extreme Obstacle Course team, and a consistently competent combat team.

There is one thing above all that drives sports players to excel and pushes them to win – a team mascot.

Hero-U HoodieHere at Hero-U, we are proud to announce our school symbol of greatness: the Hero-Unicorn.

So for all of you out there who revere Heroism or cheer team accomplishments, we give you a mascot and symbol you can proudly wear on your shirt, your mug, your hat, or your hoodie. Yes, you too, can become one of the University’s greatest resources – an athletic supporter!

See our new line of Hero-Unicorn swag at the Hero-University Store on Café Press.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Don’t you mean “Hero-unanimously rejected?”

  2. Lori Says:

    At “The School for Heroes”, the mascot was the “Mighty Meeps.” Hero-U has the urban version of Meeps running around, the Kwirk. Sadly, the “Quirky Kwirks” as a title/mascot for the sports teams was unanimously rejected in committee. It was decided that the University needed a more serious and inspirational symbol to push our athletes to greatness and our alumni to contribute.

    Thus was born the Hero-Unicorn. As the Kriegslanders say, “Unicorn uber alles.”

  3. Jean E. Dvorak Says:

    I love the logo! The choice of a magical equine to represent our athletes is perfect. The the unicorn’s purity reflect the high integrity of our scholars and its mythological status inspires us all to high ideals.

    Besides, it’s cool and, it’s a horsey thing!!

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