About Hero-U


Welcome to Hero-U, a unique
Role-playing Adventure Computer Game series under development.

Hero-U combines rich character interactions, turn-based combat and dungeon exploration with adventure game puzzles

Sep 28 2012

About Hero-U

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is a new role-playing adventure computer game. Hero-U combines turn-based, tactical combat and dungeon exploration with rich character interactions, challenging puzzles, and an immersive story. Acclaimed game designers Corey and Lori Cole – creators of the award-winning Quest for Glory series and Castle of Dr. Brain – will take you on an epic role-playing journey.

Corey and Lori Cole have assembled a star development team featuring Jonathan Cheatham, Rob Eisenberg, Terry Robinson, John Paul Selwood, Paul Bowers, Eric Varnes and Ryan Grogan.

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption features:

  • A rich story that changes based on the way you play
  • Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  • Tactical combat that is much more than “hack and slash”
  • Challenging puzzles that are an integral part of the story

We have begun design and implementation of the game and plan to release it in Summer, 2014.

Corey and Lori Cole

Corey and Lori