Kwirks at Work

Welcome to Hero-U, a unique Role-playing Adventure Game series.

Hero-U features a strong story and interesting characters, mystery, excitement, danger, and intrigue.

And, of course, Kwirks.

Apr 02 2014

Top Ten Reasons that Hero-U has been Delayed

10. Our dog ate the computer.

9. The Hero-ewe turned out to be a ram and boy, do we look sheepish.

8. The artists ran out of blue pixels.

7. We received a court order to change the Hero-U name because it was deemed to be too confusingly similar to the Wii-U.
Therefore from this point onward, Hiiro-U will only be available on Nintendo gaming machines.

6. The Kwirks demanded green M&Ms in every room.

5. The entire team got sick after eating spinach dip at the company party.

4. Dr. von Braun blew up the science lab tower… again.

3. The company treasurer absconded with the funds and ran off to Daventry – It’s a magical place.

2. One of the programmers caught a code.

And the Number One reason that Hero-U has been delayed:

Someone forgot to tell the designers that this was supposed to be a small Indie game.

Protect Yourself

Pand Guards

Now at the Hero-U Collectibles Store – Pand Guards!

Pand Guards – The Patent-Pending way to protect your hands from fearsome fire and pesky pandas.

“You can de-pand on Pand Guards”


Mar 17 2014

Luck of the Eirish

Happy ‘Wearing of the Green’ day from Hero-U!

Several members of the Hero-U cast have ties to Eire and will gladly raise a glass to her beauteous shores.

Eirish Shawn

Our Roguish hero, Shawn O’Conner, was born on Sardonia, but his parents both hailed from the Emerald Isle. As a result, Shawn has a slight lilt to his voice and a definite gift for blarney.


Eirish MoiraOur Paladin instructor and healer, Moira Glenshannon, has a deep love for the land she once called home. Alas, duty called her away to serve and preserve life on the shores of a very different island. At this time of year, she often thinks back about what her life would be if she had stayed in Eire. As dear to her heart as Eire may be, she knows she made the right choice to be a part of the Hero University.


We hope that you feel the same way as Moira does – proud to be a part of Hero-U.

We want to thank all of you for supporting Hero-U. Now that we’ve revised this website, we’ve had several orders of collectibles and game pre-orders. We’ve also had some very nice donations. We really are lucky to have fans like you to help bring Hero-U to life.

Mar 11 2014

Our New Look

We’ve updated our webpages and made it much easier for you to pre-order Rogue to Redemption and buy our Kickstarter booty (while our supplies last).

We don’t want people to be left bereft of a cuddly Meep to keep for their very own. Who doesn’t want a fuzzy friend to wear their Hero-U cap for them or stand on their Meep key chain so that you never lose your keys?

Besides, there are 400 Meeps stuck away in our garage who really need good homes.

Tomb of Treats

The new website has a few reveals of some of the concept art you haven’t seen yet. We want to tickle you with tempting treats so that you can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

We’ve been filling out the castle, decorating the halls, and creating the combat system for the past months. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption will be a game rich in detail and design layers. It’s the sort of game you will want to play again and again to discover new events and interactions. Don’t worry – it will be worth all the love and work we put into it.

Jan 02 2014

Happy New New!

Happy New Year


We made it through a full year of Hero-U – Hurrah! We solved a lot of problems, created a great game system, came up with some beautiful artwork, and we’re putting the pieces together. There is a lot to do this year, but we’re on our way.

In case you missed it, here’s the Christmas Video we made to show off JP Selwood’s beautiful room sketches and to wish you all a fun holiday season. Yes, those backgrounds are only sample drawings. As lovely as they are, the final game art will be better.

So, in addition to the brand new game we’re bringing out later this year, we have a lot of new things to share with you.

First of all, a brand new Shawn O’Conner in 3D!

Shawn in 3D


Shawn will actually change his expression once in a while!

Shawn's Smile
Shawn Angry


We’ve added Chris Willis to our team to be our 3D artist.

We’re redesigning our website and we’ll have links to our new Humble Store.

And that list is just for starters. We’ve got a big year ahead of all of us.

So Happy New Year, everyone… It’s going to be a fun one!

Nov 27 2013

Happy Thanks!

This is the time at Hero-U
After all the things that we’ve been through
When we sit and think and think some more
Of all the people we make our games for.

We ponder the good things that happened this year.
We muse on our blessings, the things we hold dear.
We smile at our triumphs and hold our heads high
At all of the roadblocks that we have passed by.

We’re proud of our art team who stood by our side
And valiantly took the art changes in stride.
From 2D and Puppets and now to 3D
Thanks, Terry and Eric and Paul and JP.

Our Programmers too have had a hard task
Creating a system that does what we ask.
It may have been tough, but they all do their job,
We thank you all – Jonathan, Jerry, and Rob

But most of all, we give thanks for you fans
Who support Hero-U and stood by our plans
Through all of the changes we’ve made for your sake
And all the hard choices that we’ve had to make.

To all of our Heroes whether faithful or new
wherever you live and whatever you do,
We’re grateful and thankful over at Hero-U
Here’s our Hanukkah greeting and thanks to you too.

Happy Thanks