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Hello, everyone! A NEW fan here!

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Hello, everyone! A NEW fan here!

Postby N7Kopper » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:10 am

Hello everyone. I just wanted to drop by and keep an eye on this Hero U thing.

Unlike most people here, I never grew up with Quest for Glory; or any Sierra or LucasArts games. The only home computer I remember having as a kid was an Amiga of some kind - and I barely remember it. My earliest gaming memories were of the Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, and PS1. We eventually got a PC, but the only games we had on it were stuff like The Sims and a chess game.

I cut my RPG teeth on two rather well-known games called Pokémon Blue and Final Fantasy VII. Also Tombi, kind of (more a Metroidvania than an RPG) but had never even heard of Quest for Glory until a YouTube LPer called Lucahjin played through Wages of War as a Wizard. While the game looked fun, I eventually mostly forgot about it.

That was until a certain Reverend did a speedrun of the entire quintilogy. As you might guess from my username, I hold a great fondness for Mass Effect (the trilogy, not that... thing that bears the same name) and the idea that Quest for Glory maintained similar continuity with its hero import features intrigued me. So I bought the collection on, installed it and fired it up. I didn't want to pick Magic User because I feared being overspoiled on Wages of War, and I also didn't want to be slimy Thief scum, so I rolled a Fighter. Then I had to name him. Now, I love using canon names. (Except for Pokémon, because I play that for the multiplayer only) In FFVII, Cloud was Cloud. Shepard was John, with the default likeness. (later Commander, to be pithy for the stat screen) but the manual made no mention of one!

I know now that the Coles never gave him one, (well, Ego - but that was a debug name) and it was Emily somethingorother who called him Devon Aidendale. But I was scanning to find a name, and avoiding spoilers. And technically that is his name; I mean, the Coles don't hold the rights to the series. Besides, I liked the Willowsby backstory, the AGDI guys did too, and I probably would have just called him Ramza Beoulve based on the likeness if those novelisation guides didn't name him.

But I also found out about QfG2's remake that way. Good thing too, that was some good game right there. But anyway, I played a hybrid Fighter with magic (because I like having a varied kit, magic must defeat magic after all! But mages also don't like sharp things in their faces!) and climbing and sneaking (because anyone can do those to some degree, same with throwing - magic and lockpicking are the only 0s that really make sense) before becoming a Paladin after 2. Boy, am I glad that accidentally peeping on Zayisha (spelling?) didn't disqualify you on version 2.0. (in line with the EGA original) Not everyone played the game in their childhoods. Besides, that's metagaming. All I knew is that you should use all your save slots, and buy up any item you can. I bought oil in 2 and 3 not knowing it's useless to a non-lockpicking character except in 4. I didn't know they peeped on changing maidens; and neither did our protagonist.

I thought I'd have to spy on Ad Avis or something.

Anyway, this was a long preamble. I'll share more of my Quest for Glory later, but for now:

Hello, and I hope Hero-U turns out good!
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Re: Hello, everyone! A NEW fan here!

Postby Iblis » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:28 pm

Welcome aboard N7Kopper. :)

Actually never played Mass Effect for some reason.

Glad to hear QFG is still reaching new players even to this day. :D Think I'm going to do another play-through sometime soon myself.

Looking forward to hearing more about your QFG experience. (GOG has a bunch of other old Sierra games available too...I think the Space Quest games were my second favourite. They also have "Quest For Infamy" which is another homage to QFG. :D (I think I got it free when I bought the QFG series...was pretty good.)
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